After our early announcement for sponsors and exhibitors at the Be there! pages, more detailed information is provided below on the commercial and technical exhibition, that will be held in the spacious 18,000 m2 Hall 1 of the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam. Final information and contract forms are available in the Exhibition and Sponsorship Prospectus.

Click on the image for a map of the FENS Forum area within the RAI Exhibition and Conference Centre.

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Profile of attendance
The audience is made up of delegates from academic and research institutions and private companies from around the world. The FENS Forum is an opportunity for all to exchange ideas on the latest advancements, discuss treatment outcomes and interact with new and old colleagues within the field of neuroscience.

Previous meeting statistics
1998 Berlin, Germany 4200 participants
2000 Brighton, UK 5000
2002 Paris, France 5300
2004 Lisbon, Portugal 4500
2006 Vienna, Austria 4800
2008 Geneva, Switzerland 5200
2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 6000 (estimate)

A few good reasons to join the exhibits at the FENS Forum 2010
  • Contact with 6000 basic and clinical neuroscientists
  • Up-to-date and high standard convention centre as meeting venue
  • Excellent exposure in the lively centre of the Forum
  • Association with a high level science meeting
  • Advertisement and sponsoring for any budget
  • Possibilities for your organization to convene
  • Perfect international transport lines to Amsterdam
2008 Exhibitors list
The list of the stand holders at the previous FENS Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, 12-16 July 2008 is available by clicking here.



Set up times
Thursday July 110:00 – 20:00
Friday July 208:00 – 20:00 (all except "equipped" stands: set up by the decorator)
Saturday July 308:00 – 16:00 (all exhibits must be set for the 19:00 - Opening Ceremony)
Exhibition open times
Saturday July 319:00 – 20:30 (Opening Reception in exhibit hall)
Sunday July 409:30 – 17:30
Monday July 509:30 – 17:30
Tuesday July 609:30 – 17:30
Wednesday July 709:30 – 13:15
Dismantling and breakdown times
Wednesday July 713:15 – 20:00

Stand of 9 m2 Equipped Non-equipped
Companies € 350 / m2 € 275 / m2
Non-profit organizations € 215 / m2 € 140 / m2
Exhibitors’ Manual
Exhibitors’ Badges
100 Word Company/product profile in the Programme book
Listing on Forum website
Programme book
WiFi internet
General cleaning after set-up
Carpet tiles, colour optional
Walls white h = 250 cm
Fascia white h = 40 cm
Lettering "company name" max. 20 letters in Helvetica black
Table 80/80 cm white, legs chrome
Two chairs grey, legs chrome
Three spotlights 75 W
Main electronic connection up to 1 kW (incl. 1 double wall socket)
Power consumption
Daily cleaning



The organizers have designed a plan for the exhibition floor in order to maximize the exhibitor’s exposure to the delegates by having the poster sessions surrounding the exhibits as well as having the coffee service, lounges, food service areas and the internet café within Hall 1. Moreover, going from the registration area to some of the lecture rooms will be possible via the exhibition area.

An Exhibition and Sponsorship Prospectus has been issued. It contains details of the exhibition floor map with provisional stand location and a contract form. Exhibitors who book a booth early are more likely to get the location they want. However, exhibitors are welcome to suggest modification of stand areas to their specific requirements (i.e. deviations from the standard 3m x 3m booth to 3m x 6m, 9m x 9m, etc.). For detailed information on the exhibition and a contract form, see the Exhibition and Sponsorship Prospectus. The contract form is also available as a single page PDF file. Click here to import and print it. Once filled out, it should be mailed to The Herlitz Company.



There are several sponsorship opportunities to support the FENS Forum 2010 including support of parts of the scientific programme, Forum bags, inserts in Forum bags, lanyards, pens and writing pads, Internet Café, Wi-Fi hotspots, company banner display upon entrance, catering for social events, etc. See the information on the Sponsor page.

In addition companies and non-profit organizations can
• rent space for a hospitality suite on the balcony of the Hall 1, or
• organize a scientific gathering or social in the RAI Conference Centre in the early evening hours.

All sponsorship contributions will be acknowledged in the Programme Book and on the website of the FENS Forum 2010.

Companies and organizations interested in sponsorship can also contact directly the secretariat of the Local Organizing Committee.



A Programme Book will be distributed to all registered participants. It will include the complete final scientific session schedule, the exhibiting company listings and descriptions, as well as practical information for the participants. Companies can buy advertisement space in the Programme Book at the following rates:
 One page full color€ 2,500
 One half page full color€ 1,750
 One page black and white€ 2,000
 One half page black and white € 1,500

For non-profit organizations the above fees for black and white advertisements will have a discount of 50%.

The following preferred positions are available for reservation on a first come, first served basis (available only in full color):
 Back cover€ 5,000
 Inside front cover€ 3,500
 Page prior to Scientific Programme € 3,500
 Page facing Scientific Programme€ 3,500
 Inside back cover€ 3,250
 Page facing the Table of content€ 3,000

Companies and organizations interested in an advertizement in the programme book should contact Mr. Kristofer Herlitz, The Herlitz Company, Inc., 1890 Palmer Avenue; Suite 202A, Larchmont, NY 10538, USA, tel: +1 914 833-1979, fax: +1 914 833-0929, e-mail:



If interested, please sign up to receive a copy of the Exhibition and Sponsorship prospectus or any further e-mail information on the FENS Forum.

Name organization
Contact person
Postal code
* Interest
    * not mandatory

The exhibition management will be carried out by Mr. Kristofer Herlitz, The Herlitz Company, Inc., 1890 Palmer Avenue; Suite 202A, Larchmont, NY 10538, USA, tel: +1 914 833-1979, fax: +1 914 833-0929, e-mail:


Last update: May 26, 2010